Saturday, February 7, 2009

Giving it a go

I set up this blog over a year ago and never did anything with it. It seemed a shame to leave it empty, so I've returned to give it a try.

My present goal is homiletic. Specifically, I am going to attend to the lectionary of the Dominican missal in use before 1969. I may post other things along the way. Who's to say? In any event, I'm giving it a go.


MightyMom said...


Fr Philip Powell sent me here....
Glad we're well met.
Looking forward to reading more of you.


Fr. Dominic Holtz, O.P. said...

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to Philip for sending you my way!

I am a tad newish to blogging (not to lurking on others' blogs, mind you), so I'm still working at getting into the rhythm of the whole thing. In short, thank you in advance for your patience.


Mark said...

One of the members of our lay chapter sent a link to your blog; hope you keep up the nice effort, thank you!