Thursday, February 12, 2009

Come & See Vocation Weekend (Feb 20-22, 2009)


Do you know a young man who you believe would make a wonderful Dominican? Have you told him you think so? If you are that man, have you talked to anyone but God, yourself, and your close friends (if even to them)? Religious vocations are not properly speaking natural. They stand outside the bounds of natural motivations, although in their own sense they fulfill them. Still, more than other vocations, such as the married life, which are sanctifications of a natural institution, being a living sign of the Kingdom through conformity to Christ in the evangelical counsels through living out of a charism in a public, vowed life is never an obvious next step!

So, if you, or someone you know, is willing to preach the Word of God for the salvation of souls, consider giving us a look! Call Andrew-Carl Wisdom, O.P., at (312) 243-0011, ext. 36, or visit the website.

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