Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vox clamantis in deserto

No, I have not forgotten that Advent is over. Rather, I want to direct my readers to a video preaching and teaching project by the student brothers of the provinces of St. Albert the Great and St. Martin de Porres at the studentate in St. Louis, Missouri. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of Antonio de Montesinos' preaching on behalf of the indigenous peoples in Hispaniola, the student brothers are creating a series of videos to speak about key principles of Catholic social teaching:
  • the dignity of the human person
  • the dignity of human work
  • the preferential option for the poor
  • care for creation
  • the principle of subsidiarity
  • the principle of solidarity
  • the common good
I look forward to watching these myself and will link them here in my blog.

Here is the introductory video:

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