Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St Dominic Priory Building Project

Since 1981, the friars in formation of the Province of Saint Albert the Great (USA) have been housed in Jesuit Hall in Saint Louis, Missouri. What was meant to be a temporary measure, and what has indeed been a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the generous hospitality of the Society of Jesus, has nonetheless drawn on beyond its original intentions. In short, we have finally decided to acquire a building of our own.

What we have aplenty are enthusiastic men in studies, from both the Province of Saint Albert the Great and the Province of Saint Martin de Porres, and two provinces ready and willing to make the move. We have a lovely, old building waiting for our renovation and expansion and a very fine plan for the new construction. What we need is your assistance!

Above all, we need your prayers that we may be faithful to the Rule and the Constitutions, that we may grow in holiness in accord with the charism of Our Holy Father Dominic, and that we may fulfill our mission in preaching the Gospel and the salvation of souls.

What we also need is your financial assistance. In these tight times especially, it is important to make wise investments of lasting value, and I can think of nothing better than assisting in the establishment of a house conducive to the formation of preachers of the Gospel for generations to come.

For more information about the building project, go here.

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